Ranco Art Group started its activity in 2003 with graphic design, advertisements as well as printing of local magazines in the western city of Tehran.
From the very beginning, the activity is based on the observance of an unrestricted artistic approach with the axis of creativity and dreaming in the works, and the collection always adheres to this important principle.
(This is also evident in the slogan of the collection.)
At a time when the advertising industry was very different from today and limited to environmental media, audio-visual as well as print media such as magazines and newspapers, tracts and local couriers, writing advertising strategies based on business budgets was a relatively simple and far-reaching task. It was out of attention. With the not-so-long period of unparalleled growth of technology and media in less than a decade, the world of advertising, like other industries, has undergone significant changes, so that most of the past advertising methods are no longer as effective and effective as before, and some have become obsolete.
From the very beginning, Ranko Studio’s advertising unit has been providing multimedia with full services from the design department, including character design, logo, billboard, packaging, catalog, etc., to the consulting department and full implementation of advertising projects. He is a consultant and advertiser for many well-known brands, some of which are listed in the Ranko customer section.
After a few years of operation, the Ranko Group began the process of changing the attitude of organizations to create systematic structures, as well as the tendency of the Ranko team to provide management solutions to solve the problems faced by changing organizations. The field of strategy and marketing has laid the foundations of the department of management consulting, and now the unit provides distinctive services in providing consulting and support to organizations to design the structure, explain strategies, set goals, hire human resources, training and related activities.
In addition to making promotional and custom teasers, Ranco’s Film and Animation Department is active in the film and cinema industry, with activities such as film and animation making, filming, editing, directing, producing, storyboard design, sound recording and recording, international film distribution and titles. Has the relevant in his resume.
Ranco’s gaming department is active in the field of making computer games in the context of mobile, computer, smart TVs and hardware systems. Several examples of games produced in this unit can be seen in the game section.
Given that the number of digital game players in Iran has already exceeded 30 million, we envision an attractive and bright future for this industry and we try to be effective in increasing the quality of games.
Mission of Ranco Art Group; Creating imaginations and mental imagery with the language of art and our vision is a move towards the high position of humanity with the common language of art in human relations.
To be realized.

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