Aerial photography has always been popular and of course widely used,
At Ranco Studio, aerial photography is done by a quadcopter or helicopter. Quadcopter is one of the types of UAV equipment. Quadcopters are a type of helicopter aircraft and belong to the category of multiromers and are called quadcopters (four) helicopters due to the help of four propellers for their propulsive force.
Quadcopters have a wide range of applications due to their excellent maneuverability and high balance flights.
In recent years, the attention of companies, universities and research centers has become more and more attracted to this type of UAV, and therefore we see significant progress in the facilities and flight of this type of birds on a daily basis.
Quadcopters are widely used in research, military, imaging and recreation, and manned models have been developed.
From about 2006, quadcopters began to grow industrially as unmanned aerial vehicles.
Today, multi-rotors, especially quadcopter models known as quadcopters, are one of the most widely used drones.
Apart from the model and features of the quadcopter used; The skill of the quadcopter operator plays the most important role in capturing the expected images.