Management consultant is a type of consulting services that is used by organizations to improve management performance. The management consultant often examines the ways to improve the efficiency of the organization and suggests the best option and solution to the senior managers. The management consultant advises managers in various areas such as increasing profitability, reducing costs and increasing revenue, process analysis, technology development, change management, strategy formulation, product development or the method of hiring and training human resources.


During these years, Ranco Group has collaborated with many groups in various fields such as food industry, technology, art, clothing, medicine, etc., and this important, has led to gaining high experience in the process of analyzing and recognizing the problems of organizations and small and large businesses. And efforts were made to provide practical solutions.


Managers in the organization often do not find the shortcomings and causes of problems due to their proximity to problems, and there is a need for external people who are not involved in those problems on a daily basis and can find the causes of problems with a more external view (so-called zoom out). Provide to the organization.


Today, large companies such as Deloitte, Price Water House Coopers, KPImage and Ernst & Young are recognized as the largest companies in the field of management consulting services.