What is organizational value? Is color effective in introducing the brand? Choose any color we like !? Countless questions arise at the beginning of the formation of an organization or business. If we want to move the work forward fundamentally, we must pay attention to each of these questions and elements. Ranco’s management consulting team is with you on this journey. According to research, it is these colors that are recorded in the minds of humans before images and writings. Therefore, based on this research, it has been concluded that colors have the ability to help a high percentage of brand recognition.


Your business concept, target audience, product or service type, and hundreds of other elements influence the choice of organizational color.


Many psychologists believe that the effects of colors are amazing. Colors affect our awareness of certain events. Some believe that the human brain by default associates different types of colors with people’s emotions, on the other hand, some experts believe that the emotions that our brain receives from colors to the level of our information and events that happen to us. Occurred is related. These feelings can be caused by people’s experiences with color species. For example, psychologists who have studied the color red believe that most people because of its adaptation to natural consequences such as blood, fire, or man-made technologies such as red signs or red traffic lights. This color is associated with danger. This factor in other colors can also be affected by personal experiences or the level of information of individuals.


Experiments performed on different people have shown that colors have a tremendous effect on the human body and its function. For example, dark red color affects the sympathetic part, increases blood pressure and heart rate, and speeds up breathing. In contrast, dark blue color by reducing the parasympathetic part reduces blood pressure and heart rate and slows down breathing. Even the color of day and night affects human activity. Dark blue color is the color of calm and stillness and It reduces metabolism and forces man to stop activity. The bright yellow color of the day is also the color of hope and activity and gives man strength and mobility.

Black color
Black can be the answer to the question of how to choose corporate color for many businesses. Black can indicate power and domination, mystery, secrecy, as well as traditionalism. In addition, it will indicate obedience and obedience, in other words, it can be an expression of obedience. In addition, in some cases, black can be used to convey a sense of isolation. In the field of branding, however, black is usually used more for texts and on a light background.

blue color
Blue represents calm, success, strength, and confidence, and is arguably one of the most popular colors in branding. This color is also very popular among designers due to the said features and has many fans. In addition, blue is a sign of loyalty, and others consider it a sign of despair and depression. In addition, blue and colors close to it instill a sense of confidence in the audience, and in business, it means financial guarantee, and you have noticed that most banks use this color in their logos. Therefore, blue has solved the problem of many business owners by asking how to choose an organizational color.

Brown color
The color brown can express a sense of nature and the earth, simplicity and seriousness at the same time. In addition, brown can be considered a symbol of strength, endurance and credibility.

green color
The color green evokes a sense of nature and animals, harmony and harmony, health and recovery, as well as money. In addition, green can affect the power of positive thinking and vision. It is also a happy and soothing color. In some special cases, this color can be considered a sign of fertility. In addition, in business, the color green represents status and wealth.

Orange is a sign of fun and in fact it is a young and energetic color, full of creativity and the color of celebration and joy. Other meanings and concepts can be considered for orange. These include sports and activities, agriculture, simple living, adventure, and so on. Hence, such activities and businesses will no longer be faced with the question of how to choose organizational color.

Purple is a fantasy color and represents dreams, justice and privilege.

Other signs that can be attributed to the color purple include coldness, isolation, sadness, surrender, as well as pride and arrogance. In addition, some consider purple to be the color of artists, and jobs that are directly or indirectly related to art have found the answer to the question of how to choose an organizational color.

Red color
Red always represents excitement, action, adventure, love, passion and food. In fact, red is one of the most concentrated colors that is often used to emphasize. This color also plays an important role in decoration design. In general, red and colors close to it attract the attention of the audience.

White color
This color represents simplicity, purity and innocence, and fans of this color are often shy people.

In fact, yellow indicates happiness and optimism. Psychologists in this field believe that yellow can increase concentration and learning, and therefore this color is very popular among students. Therefore, this group of people will not be looking for the question of how to choose an organizational color.

This color expresses a sense of credibility, influence, specialness and intimacy. Also, this color in the category of business means traditionalism.

Pink color
This color is generally indicative of elegance and is suitable for children and women.

Golden color
This color, as you can guess, shows a sense of luxury, luxury, high price and prestige.
Silver Another color that will answer the question of how to choose an organizational color is silver. In fact, the color silver also expresses a sense of coolness, scientificity, prestige and prestige.

Slogan is a phrase or slogan that is used in various fields of business, politics, religion, etc. and repeats and reminds the philosophy behind an institution or brand. Slogans used in product marketing are called taglines in the United States and straplines in the United Kingdom.

Ranco Management Consulting Group creates the most appropriate slogan for your brand. See the unique slogans of some collections below.

Nike: Just do it!
Adidas: There is no impossible
Sony: Believe it
PlayStation: Live in your world, play in our world
Pepsi: Live in the moment
Ranco: Let’s imagine!