Industrial photography


It has long been said that “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

Industrial photography is one of the most important genres and branches of photography. The main goal in industrial photography is to be faithful to the facts and reflect the real effects of the products, so that the least exaggeration about the products in terms of lighting and stage design, this type of photography can be used in photography of industrial products and various products. In general, photographers in industrial projects try to make reference product photos of the main features and characteristics of products.

In industrial photography, everything goes in a regular, precise and planned way, in a way, photography tries to take everything under the control of its science, knowledge and experience and the results are completely accurate and engineered, in essence, the mission of the photographer in photography Industrial is that the final photo is so close to the reality of the products that engineers or manufacturers can even judge the product based on those photos or even remote buyers can decide on all the appearance of the products, of course industrial photography It is not always so dry and without feeling and full of logic, and this accuracy goes back to the wishes and definition of the employer, the more accurate photos the products need, the project will be defined according to that request.


Informal photography (casual)


Today’s world no longer tolerates the formalities of the past and has a desire for comfort and a freer space. Visual media audiences are no exception to this trend, and a more modern approach is needed to communicate with them, informal photographs that instead of being restricted; They originate from the creativity and art of the photographer, are much more appealing to today’s viewers, and consequently have different effects.


Make a teaser


The multiplicity of video media and social networks, including Instagram, YouTube, Aparat, Telegram, etc., and the significant increase in their audiences, has multiplied the need for businesses to produce videos and teasers to introduce their services and products.

With years of experience in film and teaser production, Ranco Art Group will prepare the teaser you want in the shortest possible time, according to your budget and taste.