In order to know how far we have moved in the right direction and this game is as interesting for the audience as it is for us, the creators of it, after starting to use and play, users should make assessments according to market standards and the experience of users. To take.
In order to make sure that the product we make is really valuable and to evaluate it professionally, it is necessary to pay attention to a set of standard indicators. These key performance indicators (KPIs) are called key performance indicators.
We need to be sensitive to these indicators and monitor them carefully and make product correction decisions based on their statistics.
This process begins when the game is first placed in stores. The first time it is downloaded and used by the audience, we have to observe the KPIs to examine the user’s opinion and the type of behavior towards the product. It is clear that this review is much more accurate and in-depth than assuming the user has expressed satisfaction or dissatisfaction in the comments section of the store.
Some of these indicators are:

General Indicators (General KPIs)

• Mobile Download
• Installations
• Uninstallation
• Registration
• Subscription
• Crashes
• Upgrades
• User Growth Rate

Engagement Indicators (Engagement KPIs)

• Retention Rate
• Sessions (App Open Rate or AOR)
• Session Length
• Session Interval
• Session Depth
• Average Screens Per Visit
• Daily Active User (DAU)
• Monthly Active Users (MAU)
• Social Shares
• Brand Awareness
• Churn Rate

Financial Indicators (Financial KPIs)

• Average Revenue per User (ARPU
• Lifetime Value (LTV)
• Time to First Purchase
• Purchases
• Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
• Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)
• Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
• Effective Customer Acquisition Cost (eCAC
• Effective Cost Per Mile (eCPM)
• Paid Conversion Rate
• Organic Conversion Rate
• Return on Investment (ROI)
• Cost Per Install (CPI)

User Experience Indicators (KPIs)

• Load Time
• devices
• Carriers
• OS
• Screen Dimension / Resolution
• Granted Permissions

Marketing Indicators (Marketing KPIs)

• (install source) Attribution
• virality and K factor
• channel breakdown
• Geo-metrics
• Demographics
• cohort analysis
• Behavioral Metrics
• keyword