Instagram is the largest virtual media with about 37 million users in Iran and one billion users in the world, growing rapidly.

Therefore, businesses are not unaware of this potential and consider a special place for this amazing media in their advertising programs.

Ranco Art Group first came up with the idea of ​​managing Instagram pages, and since then has tried to provide the best possible service in this space, both in terms of technique and visual appeal.

The process of managing Instagram accounts is done professionally by the Ranco group and by experts, each of whom has a specific task; For example, the caption writing department, the graphic design team, the photography and filming team, the editing unit, the person in charge of holding page competitions, etc., each operate separately, and the output is the result of a team of over 50 artists in Ranco’s Instagram management unit. .

Currently, the management of the Instagram page of many different businesses and industries such as food industry, fashion and clothing industry, decoration, clinics and beauty salons, restaurants and fast foods, doctors, etc., is the responsibility of Ranco Art Group, some of which are mentioned in the customer section. Has been.

Services of this unit

Manage zero to one hundred accounts

Other business executives, businesses, and even personal pages that want to have a regular and purposeful presence on Instagram do not need to worry about this. Ranco’s art team performs all page management activities in the best possible way, from content production to responding to comments and directives.

Content production

Purposeful and intelligent content; This is what the millions of Instagram audience are looking for …

Ranco’s content production team consists of creative kids and the content production in this section is based on the brand concept and the target audience.

Post and story design

Variety in the design of posts and stories, while adhering to the defined form, is appropriate to the target community of the page, and also paying attention to the basics of advertising in terms of effectiveness is part of the points that Ranco Graphic team always considers in designing posts and stories.

Write captions and content

The importance of observing the principles of writing and literary points in this section along with the effective and thought-provoking content is to the extent that it can distinguish one page from the others.

Specialized hashtag

Some seemingly trivial points in digital marketing are more important and effective than expected, for example, principled hashtags according to the latest updates will make your movement more organized and in line with the algorithm.

Formal and informal photography

Part of Page’s management is the responsibility of Ranco’s photography and filming teams. This department, which continues to operate with a production of 50,000 photos until 1999, has numerous experiences in various guilds, including food industry, restaurants, clinics, bedding, fashion and clothing industry, construction industry, decoration, gold. And acquire jewelry, etc., and by trying to improve the quality, always considers creativity in work as the first priority.
Making teasers and motion graphics
Many believe that animated content, movies, animations and animated images are more appealing to the audience. In Page Management Service by Ranco, the variety of posts is very high and apart from edited photos, it is shared from movies, motion and animated images that are produced in this section. Depending on the technical potential of Ranco, the customer can choose a real teaser, motion graphic or stop motion to produce according to their taste.
Targeted growth of account followers
Attracting Instagram followers has become much more difficult and time consuming than in previous years, which is the result of dramatic changes in Instagram rules and algorithms, more competitive space, and an increase in the number of pages. This process requires planning, strategy and regular performance today, Ranco experts are by your side in this direction.
Ideation and thinking room
In a competitive atmosphere in cyberspace, no page will achieve the desired result without thinking. All the functions of the page management members, from the kids to the content production team or the graphics unit, require a clear roadmap that includes the brand concept, strategies, do’s and don’ts, competitive advantage, target community, and whatever the direction and vision of the business. Specifies to be clear.
Effective interaction with Page audiences requires brainstorming and planning, and Ranco’s think tank team strives to do just that.
Holding competitions and festivals
Interacting with the audience and motivating them to participate in the events of the page should undoubtedly be the most important goal of any business, so there must be a plan for this important. Ranco Group tries to establish a closer relationship between the audience and Page by designing various festivals and competitions and performing it on the page, and finally conducting lotteries and announcing the winners.
Monitor responsiveness on the page
From the beginning of 1997, the customer relationship department was added to the page management package, so that in addition to monitoring messages and responding to page comments and directives, it was done from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM; The Customer Relationship Management team is constantly monitoring this performance.
Forming a WhatsApp support group
To avoid wasting time and unnecessary bureaucracy in the page management process and due to the nature of this process which has a daily and continuous form, dedicated groups with the employer or business representative for effective communication and exchange of information and news, accompanied by the design manager, responsible Page Communications is responsible for content production and Ranco’s internal communications manager, and all coordination and communication takes place within this group.
Introducing bloggers, influencers and related advertising pages
Influencer marketing is an inevitable category in the growth of accounts in cyberspace these days, so Ranco’s virtual research team is constantly monitoring real bloggers and influencers, as well as popular pages on Instagram, and the process of negotiating and advertising by the group. Ranco takes place.
Protect your Instagram account
One of the concerns of Instagram page owners is to maintain the security of the page and ensure that potential account problems are resolved. In the page management package by Ranco Art Group, all follow-ups and correspondence with Instagram support are done by Ranco experts in case of any problem.