In the early years of cinema, the video camera was the only means of realizing the human dream of seeing real images on screen. The camera could record everything that could be seen with the naked eye and then be seen on the screen, as if these images had come to life on the screen, and that was enough for the viewer at the time. The camera was placed at a certain distance from the subject, without moving or rotating, and everything that could be seen through the camera lens was recorded on film and then placed on the screen in front of the viewers. But this is no longer the case today. With the techniques, the movement of the cameras, and the arrangements applied through the camera lens, filters, types of lighting, etc., images and scenes are no longer what is in front of the camera aperture; These techniques have transformed the world of filmmaking, and filming has reached such a level of elegance that it should rightly be called the art of the age of technology, or in other words, the art of technology.

He began filming history with black-and-white films. But even though there were only two colors, still with the techniques and arrangements devised by talented cameramen such as Stanley Cortez and Greg Toland, gray, complex shadows of light, and strange depth of field could be created. And despite the limitations in color, it conveyed the sense of the scene well. The introduction of color into cinema also marked the beginning of new innovations in the field of filmmaking to make images better and more effective. Also, although cinema is a two-dimensional art, the viewer feels the depth, size and distances in it in an acceptable way, and all this is due to the different methods of filming and the further progress in making filming tools.

Filming is the most important stage of film production. This stage deals especially with the most important filmmaking tools and equipment, namely the camera and its accessories, various types of floodlights, and so on. In this stage, in addition to filming, lighting, directing, sound, acting and some special effects are also performed simultaneously. Before we enter this stage, the stage must be fully prepared and the actors must be present to play the role.

Proper and professional filming benefits from three important factors:

Filming staff and group

The members of this group, which consists of a main person named the director of photography and his assistants and colleagues such as the cameraman, the person in charge of the camera, باید And enjoy what the director wants them to do so that they can properly objectify his mentality. In fact, it should be borne in mind that cinema does not need only a clear and good image; Rather, it requires the creation of an effective, acceptable and attractive space, which is a relatively large part of the burden of creating this space on the part of filming, which is done through a variety of filming arrangements.


Lighting, along with filming, must be done properly; Because without proper lighting, not only can a clear image not appear on the screen, but basically without light, there is no image. But lighting is not only for seeing the image, but also professional and artistic lighting is very effective in the dramatic effect of the image.

Video recording tools and equipment

Much progress has been made in the field of filming tools and equipment. Camcorder consists of special components, each of which has a variety of types and uses; Components such as film, lens and…. . Also, in spite of the numerous companies and factories that produce these products, it is necessary to be careful enough to buy the highest type due to the delicacy and sensitivity that these tools have. Ranco Filming Group is ready to participate in selected projects with various filming experiences in different spaces and situations and complete equipment.