How realistic or dreamy, what colors are used in each of the components and elements, violence, honesty, all kinds of characterization and hundreds of other things, the execution of all this by the graphic designer of the game Of course, these are all pre-determined, but the creation of these theories is the responsibility of the graphic design of the game. Usually

The game’s graphics are examined in two ways; One is technical graphics and one is visual design. The first deals with the real and natural aspects of graphics; That is, how close the space and characters can be to reality. High resolution and many other graphics issues fall within the scope of the technical part of graphics and depend mostly on the power of the console and the efforts of the creators. The second, visual design, depends entirely on the taste, creativity and talent of the designers.

In fact, all the parts that are not related to reality and are completely imaginary and made by the human mind, can be considered as visual design. In fact, visual design can also be called “artistic” design.