The developer is responsible for writing the code that runs the game. A programmer’s day-to-day tasks include implementing gameplay features, fixing bugs in existing systems, and collaborating with designers and artists. The developer must make sure that the designers and other developer members can use the features and systems they have built and that these systems meet their needs properly.

Collaboration with designers and artists is one of the important points. Developers need to be able to understand the day-to-day or short-term concepts that designers are working on and find a solution to implement them. They also need to provide solutions that are optimal and use the resources of the device as little as possible.

There is no absolute programming language for building and developing games. In fact, it does not matter what programming language you choose to build a game, what matters is your skill and determination as a programmer to run a game development project and overcome potential problems along the way.

However, currently the best programming languages ​​for the game are: C ++, Java, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and SQL.