Let’s imagine!

Ranco is based on dreaming, imagination and creativity. Ranco Group’s think tank and creativity, relying on management knowledge and market knowledge, is the ability to present new and efficient ideas for starting small, medium and large businesses.

Ranco Group is also ready to provide ideas for creating domestic or international startups with cooperation or investment models.

Startups, which these days occupy a large share of the activities and interactions of the people of the world, are multiplying at an indescribable rate, completely changing and affecting the shape and image of the world and the interactions within it.

Startups are usually based on presenting a new innovation, technology, based on teamwork and with the possibility of high business development.

Start-ups can come in all shapes and sizes. Investors are generally attracted to start-ups that have a higher risk-to-profit ratio and are more scalable, and therefore have lower start-up costs, higher risk, and higher potential return on investment. A successful start-up usually has more growth potential than a well-established company, ie it can have more capital, labor or more growth than older companies with less capital.

Start-ups need to raise capital for their rapid growth, and they have a variety of options. Other companies or investors can help start-ups by exchanging cash for stocks to get started. In practice, many start-ups are funded by their founders.

An important task in starting a business is to research to validate, evaluate and develop the idea or concepts of that business. If the value of a company is based on the technology of that company, it is important that the founders protect the intellectual property of their ideas.

One of the challenges of starting a start-up company is capital, manpower and basic expenses such as office rent and secretary; Some start-ups use a virtual office or shared workspace to reduce these costs. There is also the challenge of legal issues depending on the product or service that the start-up wants to offer. Sometimes it is sometimes very important how the work team comes together and what commitment each has to make or what their sales are like.

Being a startup label can help companies have better conditions when hiring. There are some qualified people who like to work with innovative companies and at the same time receive low salaries.

There are still many founders who do not like to limit startups to existing standards. They believe that startups can be of any age and size.