Perhaps the most important part of the activity is the use of organizations, marketing services and products. You leave this important part to the Ranco team.

Marketing refers to the search for the relationship between the value of a product (goods or services) and the customer. Marketing is also known as the art of selling; But selling is one of the small marketing functions. The definition of a virtual marketing glossary is “forcing goods or services to meet the needs of consumers.” In other words, marketing involves understanding the customer’s customers and the company’s products, to better produce it to the needs and includes a profitable profit for the company. Successful marketing requires dealing with the right product or service at the right time and ensuring that the customer has the product, if it creates it for you.

Marketing is a process that balances your company’s capabilities with your needs.

Marketing, the science and art of research, creation and valuation in order to exploit the needs of a target market, in order to make a profit. Marketing is a process that balances your company’s capabilities with your needs.

Sergio Zeiman In his book, End of Your Traditional Marketing Age, define marketing as follows: Marketing is about having programs and advertising and advertising and thousands of other things that become too realistic in convincing people to buy a product. About outpatient restaurants, marketing bites and harassment. In the case of airlines, marketing means people sitting on chairs. There is a discussion about marketing about the benefits and results available.

Marketing is a strategic activity and the way to focus on the outcome is to attract more consumers, to buy your product more often because your company has earned your money.

Wherever and whenever there are four principles of need, need, need for treatment and trade, there is a market and marketing.

Marketing means searching to find the most suitable market and segments that the organization is able to generate revenue in a more useful and effective way and meet your needs and the demands of the people. In other words, marketing is a conscious effort to get specific resources and create a kind of specialization in the market. Organizations need to find their purpose to meet your needs, and use them to create products and services. The movement forces the marketing movement to waste various resources and facilities and the most suitable position of the product or company in the market. Marketing means segmenting or dividing markets and determining the company’s products for the most appropriate markets.

Marketing begins with the need that products and services meet.

For efficiency and marketing advertising, 4 indicators to measure the use of the form:

Understanding the target audience: What community do you start your marketing business with? Is an 80-year-old man in the smallest city of Iran also your marketing target?

Set Goals: Identify the break from choosing marketing paths. Have you chosen the right path according to the goal?

Minimize Determination (KPI): Marketing performance may be an acceptable measure. The activity it measures cannot be optimized.

Measuring Output: Make sure it is absorbed through marketing and advertising, these are the activities your business is doing right now.