The producer of the film is the person who provides the conditions for making the film. The producer is responsible for setting up, coordinating, reviewing and controlling tasks such as story and screenplay selection, production planning, raising the required funds, employing key people, and so on. The producer has a serious role in all stages of the filmmaking and programming process from development to completion of the project, and all film actors, including the director and actors, to other actors, work directly or indirectly under the film producer.


In the process of radio and television programming, the producer plays the most important role. Also, in the production of animation, the producer plays the most important role, unlike cinematic filmmaking, in which the important task of forming the form and structure of the film is based on the director’s knowledge and creativity.

The producer can be an individual or a company. After the producer undertakes the project of making a screenplay, he first provides the necessary capital to make that film, then selects and employs the agents and staff of the production team who are to work directly with him. . After appointing the director, he decides to hire other actors in the film, especially the actors. After determining the factors, the producer puts the film budget at the disposal of a person named the production manager as the project cashier, to spend the budget under the supervision of the executive producer on the expenses of the various parts of the film production that have already been determined.