Sampling, promotion and guerrilla propaganda unit
Sampling is one of the BTL methods and one of the most successful advertising strategies in the world, which has been able to have a significant impact on the introduction of the product or service by establishing a closer relationship between the brand and its audience and lead customers to use that brand or at least branding. Consume the mind of the consumer.
Sampling is not just about providing a free product sample, because in the process of performing a powerful sampling based on brand strategies, goals and values, a complete demonstration of what you want the customer or audience to know about your brand and you have the opportunity to respond. Ask your customer questions and ambiguities and be aware of customer comments and criticisms and benefit from this feedback in order to grow.
Promotion also includes activities that raise awareness of the benefits of the product and encourage target customers to buy it. The competitive advantages and royalties of each product or service must be defined and developed prior to this stage.
Guerrilla propaganda
Or (Guerrilla Advertising) can also be included in this category.
Guerrilla Advertising, Guerrilla Marketing, or Guerrilla Marketing is an unconventional and unconventional way of doing propaganda activities that usually has a profound effect on the audience at a lower cost. They take it and publish it in cyberspace, in which case the advertising project has done its job well, and ideation and creativity are the main elements of guerrilla propaganda and marketing.

Services of this unit
Holding a think tank for guerrilla propaganda and ideation
Run zero to one hundred guerrilla propaganda
Codified planning
Campaign design and how to implement the sampling project
Provide filtered manpower for sampling
Construction of counters and stands
Advertising in shopping malls
Design and execution of all visual identities and graphic works of the project
Design of uniforms, badges, pop-ups, roll-ups and…
Holding a training and explanatory session for samplers and promoters regarding the brand, implementation process, behavior, do’s and don’ts
Provide a report on the project implementation process to the employer