When it comes to sound and music in video games, we can define the tasks associated with this issue in two separate sections. The first part is related to the production of sounds and music required for the game, and the second part consists of importing these produced samples into the game. Although it is possible for one person to do both of these things, when the project gets a little bigger, it will not be possible for one person to do all of it. Of course, there are situations between these two issues, and for example, a person can be responsible for producing music in the game, and besides, the person or persons can be responsible for producing sound effects and, of course, importing all these products.

However, if we want to categorize the mentioned tasks in the form of work occupations, we must say that the part of producing music and sound composition of different instruments in the field of work of composers or composers (Composers) and the part related to producing and importing sounds and sound effects are also in the field. It’s the work of sound designers. Because making music is a very professional job that requires a lot of knowledge and understanding in this field, and because we are usually all familiar with the duties of such people, in this article we will not talk about this job position and just focus on We put the job of sound design. In a simple definition, a sound designer (Sound Designer / Audio Designer) is someone who, except for the game music, produces almost all the sounds inside it and brings them into the game in a suitable way next to the mentioned music. Of course, what should not be forgotten in the meantime is that in most cases, the products produced are raw, and in order to achieve the desired product, technical processing must be done on the original products.