Tester refers to the people who are responsible for testing the game. Tester is not necessarily someone familiar with game design or even a professional player. But if he is aware of the design, it is more valuable.

In this section, testers find stage confusions, placement of objects in the environment, character compatibility with the environment, user interface, bugs in this section, and the player’s enjoyment of the game, and report to the creators to fix them.

Security test
Testers testing the security sector should thoroughly find areas related to hacking, in-app payment systems, and encryption, and understand how to circumvent them. Also find areas where the player may lose information and data and notify the programmer under the team server.

Sound and graphics testing
In this section, as its name suggests, the audio and video parts of the game are tested. Graphic bugs that may be very small or the quality of images that may vary on different platforms. Sound effects that may be heard differently or have problems with different hardware.

Technical test
Technical testing is one of the most important and difficult parts of testing. You can even see in big games that sometimes the game has a technical bug or does not run well on hardware. Finding some coding and hardware bugs is one of the tasks of the tester.

Performance test
Games on different hardware have different execution speeds and frame rates. If the game is lagging or does not run well in parts, the tester must notify the developers to fix it.

Conformity test
In this section, testers must be thoroughly familiar with the rules of the publisher, the platforms that can be offered, the market that is to be offered, and the country in which it is to be offered. For example, some games can not be released in Iran, and testers should inform the developers if they see any problems. In fact, in this section, they seem to be accountable in legal standards!

Applied test
In this part, which is almost the favorite part of the testers, they have to go through all the steps and missions carefully and in different ways, and find the problems that exist in the design and arrangement of the steps. Sometimes they can even inform the manufacturers of design system bugs.

Group test
This section does not test just one game tester and does not aim to find bugs. Instead, a statistical population of about 20 to 30 people tests the game, and this testing is just an experience like a normal player to find the mood of the game and be able to get the right statistics from it.

Different platforms
Testers should also try the game on different platforms; Playstation, PC, mobile, etc. Sometimes they even try each game on several different phones with different hardware specifications to see the bugs on each platform.

Different characters
The testers play the whole game and each stage with all the different characters of the game to make sure that all the components work properly.