Making sound in a movie actually means separating or removing or changing the background sound from the original language of the movie and putting a new sound on the movie, to convey and induce the feeling of the movie to the viewer or listener. The most common of these methods is dubbing. The voice actor starts its work based on the recorded sounds during the filming, which is delivered to it with the FineCat version and with the shuttle list.

Depending on the time and place of the film, the voice actor should, in addition to using the sounds that are recorded on the stage and in his opinion are technically usable, by a follyman or folly walker some sounds such as footsteps; Recreates the breathing sound of the characters and the objects used in the scene, such as the clatter of swords and all the sounds that are used in the film and are not recorded during filming or are very poorly recorded and unusable, and use the archival sounds of others. Adjusts sounds such as ambient sound, howling wind, thunder, horse chirping, etc. to suit the scene.

In Ranco Studio, using the available sound mixing software, all the sounds are mixed together and some of the sounds are changed by these softwares as an equalizer based on the story of the movie and in order to create the feeling and mood of the movie; Such as sharpening the sound, changing the sound, lowering the volume, making a phone call, and so on; As well as creating new sounds for space creatures through a mixture of multiple sounds and…

At the end, after the final mix and approval by the sound designer, the mixed sounds are recorded on the edge of the film.